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From the Score to the Stage:
An Illustrated History of Continental Opera Production and Staging

Association of American Publishers
for best Publication in Music and Performing Arts 2013

Theatre Library Association
George M. Freedley Award Finalist



Huffington Post
Anyone associated with the production and planning of opera, not to mention also audiences and students of theater and cinema, will want to own From the Score to the Stage, which, for its comprehensive scope and sheer panache, has no competitor. Whether read cover to cover or used as an easy-to-navigate reference on particular topics, it is the indispensable single-source guide to the opera stage. 

New York Review of Books
Few people are as capable of writing such a history as Evan Baker, who has worked as a dramaturge and stage director for decades. Baker understands the changes that have accompanied operatic spectacles in modern times, as nonmusical influences have become an increasingly prominent aspect of the performance. In his new book, he follows these changes from the seventeenth century to the present. For the history of directing, stagecraft, and lighting in particular, Baker is superb.

(Theater Research, Germany)
The American Evan Baker, who is not only an Opera historian but also gained practical experience as an assistant stage director and dramaturge, may not address academics in the first place. However, he managed to write a book that will please both, the scholar and the non-expert.

The Wagner Blog
Evan Baker’s book... is the best study of its kind: scholarly, entertaining, and comprehensive in its grasp of this wonderful subject.... The book is a trove of insight for lovers of staged opera, and a mainstay of the library of any serious student of musical theatre as actually practiced.

From the Score to the Stage: An Illustrated History of Continental Opera Production and Staging by Evan Baker is a perfect gift to any opera lover or an ideal for any library reference. Besides it looks marvelous on any coffee table and is sure to spur a discussion on Opera. Bravo!

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