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“What's So Funny?” 
Humor, Caricature,
and Satire of
Richard Wagner
“A Gilt Trip:”
The Grand European
Opera Houses

“The Odd Couple:”
Richard Wagner and
King Ludwig II
of Bavaria

Jews and the
19th Century
French Grand Opera
Diaspora of Artists:
Literature, Visual Arts,
Music, Theater, and Film
from the 1930s
Berlin and Vienna

Operetta in Paris,
Berlin, and Vienna

The Wartburg Dilemma:
Tannhäuser - Which version?
Dresden or Paris?
Arnold Schoenberg as Stage Director?
Erwartung and Die glückliche Hand
Kroll Opera, Berlin 1928
Parsifal on Stage and the Screen
New York City, 1904
Gustav Mahler
and Repertory Reform
at the Vienna Court Opera,
What do Violence, Sex, and Love have to do with Puccini?
An Introduction to Il Trittico
Richard Wagner
Stages Richard Wagner


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